Attention Husbands and Boyfriends…

Please step away from the sentimental and predictable greeting card aisle! Look no further for meaningful & relevant Mother’s Day or Anniversary cards and presents.

Let her know she’s more beautiful than ever. Tell her shes the sun to your earth. Better yet write it down so she can show her friends and her mother! No more cards ultimately finding their way to the trash can. No more roses that eventually die. Poetry and calligraphy come together in perfect unison to make an heirloom gift she will treasure for a lifetime.

Allow me to assist you in selecting a poem or together we can create one as unique as the love you share. Words have more meaning when written by hand.

This year knock her off her feet! You;ll have her right where you want her!!! 😉


2 thoughts on “Attention Husbands and Boyfriends…

  1. Thank you for finding, liking and following eyecandy calligraphy.

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